High pressure cleaning, depending on the application, uses both hot and cold high pressure water to physically blast dirt, stains and contaminants from certain surfaces.

For areas that require the cleaning to be contained to avoid damage to surrounding surfaces or items, we would suggest using our Turbo Hydro Extraction system,  which washes and extracts the dirt to a collection tank mounted in our vehicles.

We use state of the art technology, to rejuvenate your domestic or commercial pavement and other outdoor surfaces to ensure they are looking their best.

You will be amazed at how new your pavers or concrete driveway will look once we remove years of dirt, grime and even fungus build up to reveal the true colour of the surface.

From paving to roofing & graffiti removal, we have the experience and qualifications to assess which systems will deliver the best cleaning result while preserving the cleaned surfaces and surroundings.

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High Pressure Cleaning