Having your mattress professionally cleaned will prolong its life and delay the need for an expensive new mattress.

Our mattress cleaning solution is also good for your health as it removes dust-mites, germs, bacteria and fungi from your mattress for up to 6 months.

Bacteria and mould are obviously undesirable, but why are dust mites such a problem? Thriving on our body warmth, they feed on your dead skin cells while defecating several times a night. This toxic excrement can cause asthmatic reactions, headaches, and other allergic reactions. 

Our mattress cleaning service starts with a thorough Ultra Violet (UV) vacuum to remove dirt and treat mites and bacteria followed by the cleaning and sanitising process.

A professional mattress cleaning twice a year is recommended. Our innovative and affordable cleaning process makes this a viable option.

If you like we can also send a reminder when your freshly cleaned mattress is due for its next 6 monthly clean.

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Mattress Cleaning & Sanitising