It can be risky attempting to pressure clean a driveway or garage floor yourself. Let us apply our expertise, methods and technology to safely remove those unsightly oil and grease stains.

Concrete, stone and paved surfaces which are not originally sealed correctly can be challenging to remove grease and oil stains from.  Their porous nature means that special processes are required.

Some chemically-bonded stains will not be removable by pressure cleaning alone. In these cases we can offer specialised painting and sealing to refresh your stained surfaces, which will also prevent further staining.

Paving & Concrete Protective Seal

Once your stains have been treated you may want to consider the option of having the surface clear coated with a protective solvent-based sealer coating. This will bring out the natural colour of the stone or paver, but more importantly will protect it from any future staining.  Any oils that may fall on to the surface once coated will be able to be washed away with detergent and water.

The special solvent based sealer product that we use and recommend comes in a non-shiny matt semi gloss or a full gloss finish. For slippery surfaces or wet areas we suggest adding a safe non-slip additive that will provide surface grip in wet or moist conditions.

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Oil Stain Removal