Window & Glass Cleaning

Getting your windows professionally cleaned will improve the look of your home as well as the windows' life expectancy. 

It's also good for your health and well-being to remove dirt and mould particles from your windows and sills. Having nice clear windows also allows in natural light and colour from outside.

Our Services include:

  • high reach outside window washing using our water fed pole system using ionised filtered water
  • high reach internal window cleaning using  our high reach waterless polymer cleaning system
  • washing the inside and outside of the glass pane
  • wiping the frames
  • cleaning sills
  • vacuuming and lubricating tracks
  • cleaning fly screens and sliding doors
  • glass shower screen water stain removal


We are “Work Safely at Heights” certified for specialised commercial high reach applications.


  • We can also protective coat your glass to stop staining and make it easier for you to keep the glass clean. 
  • Very effective for glass pool fencing , shower screens or areas of your home where the glass is prone to water staining. 
  • Lasts up to 3 years.

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